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Common Queries and Questions 

The following are a list of frequently asked questions about Thrive, CFT & BodyTalk. We trust the answers we have provided here will help you in your understanding of this fantastic healing system, however, if you would like to talk to a practitioner please use the Skype Chat module on this page to make direct contact with us.

  • Are there any side effects of a Thrive CFT BodyTalk session? +

    People generally leave a Thrive CFT BodyTalk session with an enhanced sense of well-being and relaxation. Detoxification or release symptoms
  • Can I receive Thrive CFT BodyTalk sessions instead of seeing a doctor? +

    Thrive CFT BodyTalk works effectively with any current healthcare programme you may be following and assists with reducing side effects
  • Can someone be over-treated? +

    No, the treatments in the session and the timing in between the sessions are determined by your body’s unique requirements.
  • How do remote sessions work? +

    If you, your child or your animal are not able to visit the Thrive CFT BodyTalk practitioner because travelling is
  • How long between sessions? +

    The practitioner will recommend when your next session should be. This will be based on your current session.
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