BodyTalkBodyTalk is a natural health-care system, which is designed to work with, and support, your bodies’ own natural ability to repair and restore itself. A BodyTalk session is designed to re-establish and re-connect the lines of communication which enable the bodies’ internal mechanisms to function at optimal level. This process repairs and prevents disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process.

A clear example of these communication lines of the body can be found within the digestive system. The brain and 5 senses (especially smell, sight and taste) need to work together to prepare the body for food and eating.The mouth, teeth and saliva glands need to work together to get the food you experienced, to the stomach, which needs to do its job in close cooperation with the liver, gall-bladder, pancreas and small intestine to begin breaking down and using the food. Your cultural and personal beliefs about food, health, your body and more will also influence all aspects of this process, which may also be impacted on by scar tissue from surgery or an accident. In order words, all of your body is involved in all of your bodies’ functions!

We can apply the same reasoning to the way the body and mind approaches studying, sport, surgery and sleep. Your body needs to respond to stress, viruses & bacteria, allergens, dangers, weather, vaccinations, noise, shock and distress as a whole, communicating information throughout the body and mind, for all aspects to work together. Imagine an immune-system overwhelmed by stress, not noticing that certain cells in the body were diverting from their original intention? These break-downs in the lines of communication are a large component of dis-ease; BodyTalk Cape Town Practitioners work with your body to address these underlying causes or discomfort and break-down.

BodyTalk differs from other healthcare modalities in that BodyTalk Practitioners do not diagnose but rather, by using neuro-muscular biofeedback, the client’s innate wisdom guides the Practitioner to find the unique imbalances and communication breakdowns, and the priority in which these should be addressed

BodyTalk is non-invasive, safe, efficient and easily integrated into other healthcare systems. It is based on scientific principles with an emphasis on safe, effective and affordable healing. Bodytalk is practiced throughout the world. BodyTalk courses are routinely taught in different areas throughout the continent all year round. Check the Events page for all our BodyTalk Cape Town courses being offered in Cape Town.

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